Whipple Superchargers - W100AX Supercharger (1.6 liter) / Polished / Extended Drive Ready

wsc-100axp - Whipple Superchargers - W100AX Supercharger (1.6 liter) / Polished / Extended Drive Ready

Item #:wsc-100axp
Price: $2,650.00

f you're interested in building your own supercharger package, there is no better supercharger than a Whipple Twin Screw Compressor. OEM manufactures utilize positive displacement superchargers due to their incredible throttle response and drive-ability of a big cubic inch motor.

When building a system for the consumers, you must provide a very broad power ban with a high peak horsepower level, only the screw compressor can give you this. This is due to the high adiabatic (up to 80%) and volumetric efficiency levels (up to 99.9%).

The Whipple screw compressor is the latest generation, durable and dependable performance-enhancing item ever designed for either low boost or high boost levels. The screw compressor is by far the best supercharger available today; it's the only supercharger to provide a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top-end horsepower.

No other supercharger in the world can offer the same unique benefits. Centrifugals and turbos have tremendous lag time during shift points, on-off throttle and off the line boost. Roots-type superchargers have been proven to not be very efficient, especially at higher boost levels.

Whipple Superchargers has a variety of screw compressors for all types of applications, anywhere from a 100 cubic inch compressor to the 510 cubic inch compressor.

Features: Manufactured in the USA Virtually noise free operation Increased efficiency and increased durability Replaceable and upgradeable component design Oil sight glass for proper oil level inspection 100,000 mile oil change intervals W100AX 1.

6L Extended Drive Specs: Max Continuous RPM - 18,000 Max Peak RPM - 20,000 Max CFM - 1120 Max PSI - 30 Peak VE - 99 Peak AE - 81

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