Baer Track Front Brake Kit - For 96-04 Mustangs

BAE-4261007 - Baer Track Front Brake Kit - For 96-04 Mustangs

Item #:bae-4261007
Price: $895.00

Features 13inch rotors with 2 piston calipers

The Claw Brake System features the finest calipers in the world. All employ proper road going dust and weather seals making them appropriate for use on streets and highways. These systems are not just a kit; they include everything you will need. If your application requires a master cylinder, hose, or special fitting it is included. Systems requiring hubs not only arrive with the races and studs installed, but are also assembled with Timken bearings and packed with Redline Synthetic grease. When deciding which system fits your needs, examine technology, quality, performance, and integrity!

Baer's most popular system. Track system 13inch diameter rotor and logo version PBR caliper combine to produce solid, reasonably priced and very serious performance. Its moderate price, exceptional modulation, performance, and race-proven durability make it an ideal street or track system whenever wheel clearance allows.
  • Faster Thermal Recovery
  • Increased Heat Absorption
  • Increased Friction and Low Wear
  • Crossdrilled, Slotted, and Zinc Washed Surfaces
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Warping
  • Logo Version PBR Calipers
Fits 1996-2004 Mustangs (Must have 17 inch or larger wheels)

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