DSS Level 5 Half Shafts w/ Upgraded Inners (03-04 Mustang Cobra)

DSS-LV5HFSHAFUPIN - DSS Level 5 Half Shafts w/ Upgraded Inners (03-04 Mustang Cobra)

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DSS Level 5 Half Shafts w/ Upgraded Inners (03-04 Mustang Cobra)

Mustang Cobra level 5 with Chromoly inner c.v.'s

This is long anticipated Level 5 system with our all new Chromoly ball & cage inner c.v. The system was developed not because the stock inner C.V. was not strong enough (they are plenty strong) it was because the stock inner C.V. is a forging and the tripod was not all that close in tolerance, some (not all) cars get a clunk from 1st to 2nd or from 1st to reverse due to the loose tolerance. This all new inner C.V. is a 6 ball and cage design that is precision machined to have no play. The system is our tried and true level 5 with larger outer, custom hub and 300M torsional center bars. Ford Mustang Cobra Level 5 900HP axle/hub upgrade One of the weak links in Mustang Cobra's is the IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) a great design for non-racing and daily driving to and from work (i.e. a more comfortable ride). What Ford didn't plan on is the consumer taking a vehicle that was designed for racing and actually racing it. Hard launching, racing, drag racing, and spirited driving around town will take it's toll on the weak half-shafts especially when aftermarket pulleys and other power adders are installed. Stock Ford Halfshafts are a weak link and WILL break on you, if your a victim of this poor design or would like to prevent it, consider upgrading to DSS's Level 5 Half Shaft Package which will beef up your IRS up to 900rwhp and still maintain the IRS's comfortable ride.

This is it the long anticipated level 5 axle/hub system, the Level 5 is designed to handle 900HP at the wheels under extreme testing. It has our extreme 300M center bar but what makes this set stand out is its mega large outer c.v. (redesigned) and custom hub (also redesigned).

DSS has taken their time to produce a system that is not only streetable but very effective to keep the power and torque under control that Cobra's make so effortlessly.

The kit is complete with both axles including the outer c.v.'s, a set of custom hubs to handle the larger c.v., along with a set of APR racing studs to complete the package. Like the level 2 you will need to re-use the inner c.v.

(Installing the inner c.v. is a very easy installation, all you need to do is remove the boot straps and pull the inner c.v. off the tripod. The end of the bar has a snap ring to open, then slide off the tripod. Slip it back onto the new 300m bar reinstall the snap ring and close the boot)

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