Enhanced Interface for Porsche (EI13)

Enhanced Interface for Porsche (EI13)

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The enhanced Porsche interface supports live data, bi-directional actuations, system-level tests, and trouble code retrieval and clearing from 60+ systems. Coverage includes the popular 911 (1994-2009), Boxster (1997-2009), Cayman (2006-2009), Carrera GT (2005-2006), Cayenne (2003-2009).

With our enhanced Porsche, we support live data and drive links from more than 50+ controllers. If live data isn't enough, we have component-level actuations so you can test a component on your own terms instead of recreating the conditions for actuation. Finally, with Vehicle Data support (i.e., Ignition Ranges counters) you can see the state of your vehicle prior to repair or purchase.

Advanced features besting even the factory solutions:
  • More intuitive and powerful user-interface
  • OBD-II functionality integrated with Porsche-specific functionality
  • VIN-based model decoding for rapid vehicle identification
  • Plug-n-Play hardware requiring no device drivers
  • Trouble code status byte decoding to assist in determining the nature of the fault
  • English translations of fault codes

Service Functions:
  • Event Memory (Airbag)
  • Operating Hours (Airbag)
  • Calibration (HBA and Air Conditioning)
  • Events and Erase Events (Instrument Cluster)
  • Events, Erase Events, and Reset (Instrument Cluster CAN)
  • Display Module Information
  • Display Vehicle Data (986/987/996/997)

Requires ST06 ProLine Interface

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