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ECU Tuning Last Call Racing is proud to offer world class custom tuning for our customers around the world.

When adding engine enhancing performance parts to your vehicle, it is often a necessity to re-calibrate the ECU for the changes. Even when the engine is completely stock, there are areas open to refining tuning work that can really bring the vehicle to it's potential.

We work with the finest tuning software for varying makes and models of vehicles and are able to refine engine parameters within your vehicle's ECU to produce benefits such as:

  • Perfect Drive-ability
  • Immediate Throttle Response
  • Enhanced Fuel Mileage
  • Horsepower and Torque Increases.
This is achieved through proper air charge and fueling calibration, spark advance optimization, and when applicable variable cam timing, boost control and torque based electronic throttle control calibration. Our tuning services for applicable vehicles also include optimization of transmission functions such as shifting schedules, pressures, engagement and disengagement characteristics and torque management strategies.

All of our engine calibrations have been developed and refined on a Dyno Dynamics load bearing chassis dyno using our lab-grade ECM wideband O2 sensors. This is one of the most important features when selecting a tune for your vehicle. With these professional tools, we are able to apply varying and specific engine loads and use the data to perfect the calibration and ECU strategies involved. Those without a load bearing dyno and a professional lab-grade wideband will not be able to collect the appropriate and accurate data to provide a proper calibration.

We are always happy to help answer any questions you might have before ordering a tune for your vehicle, so please feel free to call us anytime at (858) 527-2917.

Ordering a Last Call Racing Tune

Select your Vehicle Make from our main dropdown menu. Next select the Vehicle Model, then select "ECU Upgrades" or "Computer Tuning" to purchase a LCR custom tune for your vehicle.

Pre-Calibration Checklist

Follow this checklist to ensure your vehicle will be optimized for the additional performance gains with our Custom Tunes.
  • Check that the vehicle is mechanically sound. Be sure there are no fluid leaks, vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks and that the engine is capable of handling the expected power level.
  • Check that proper sensors are used. We recommend a fresh set of O2 sensors if the vehicle is older than 3 years. Also make sure the MAF/MAP sensor has the proper range for the specific application.
  • Check that the fuel system is capable of handling the expected power level. We recommend keeping a 20% cushion from max duty cycle when choosing fuel injectors. Also be sure the fuel pump/s are adequate for the fuel flow required for a specific fuel. Note: E85 requires ~40% larger components than E10 gasoline.
  • Check that the spark plugs are of a proper heat range and gapped correctly.
  • Check that you have extra Nitrous and Fuel nozzles available if tuning for nitrous.

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