FAST XFI Standalone Electronic Fuel Injection System

FAS-XFISYS - FAST XFI Standalone Electronic Fuel Injection System

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Go FAST, And Throw Away That Weak Factory Computer! Designed as a standalone (EFI) system that totally replaces your factory computer and wiring harness, the XFI system eliminates the performance-compromised OEM controller, replacing it with an ECU and wiring harness that are surprisingly easy to install, a joy to tune with any Windows-based computer, and capable of performance that will blow your mind.

An XFI System To Suit Every Need In an effort to provide racers and street performance enthusiasts with the widest possible range of available configurations, FAST offers XFI ECUs in standard, onboard data logging, and Intelligent Traction Control versions. All three are available to control either 4 through 8, or 16 injectors, with the 16-injector version able to support over 4,600 naturally aspirated horsepower!

Quick And Precise Tuning Only From XFI The XFI system allows you to fine-tune like never before using C-Com, its easy-to-navigate software. C-Com is completely configurable and allows you to tune your engine for blazing performance without having to work around lame preset factory parameters.

Compatible With Nearly Any EFI engine The FAST XFI EFI system is compatible with all common factory EFI engines, including GM TPI, LT1, GENIII/LS1?LS7, Ford 5.0/EFI Windsor and Modular 4.6/5.4, and Dodge 5.7/6.1 Hemi applications. And if you want to build your very own mega-horsepower EFI small block or big block from scratch in the quest for drag strip supremacy, FAST has the components to adapt nearly any engine to state-of-the-art, race-winning EFI using the XFI ECU and one of our 4150 or Dominator style 4-barrel throttle bodies. Ever wondered how a 426 Hemi, 351C, or L88 rat motor would run with fuel injection FAST has the components to help you find out! A sixteen-injector unit is even available for ultra-high horsepower race engines that can't get enough fuel with a mere eight fuel injectors.

One of the outstanding features that sets the XFI EFI system apart from the competition is its revolutionary Qwik Tune technology. Qwik Tune lets you preprogram up to four different performance tunes any one of which can be activated by a mere flick of an in-car switch. So you can drive to the drag strip on your street tune, flip your Qwik Tune switch, and blow away your competitor with your 2-stage nitrous tune. Speaking of nitrous, the XFI EFI system can control up to 4 stages of nitrous with its optional power adder harness. And a host of other standard features and available options makes the XFI EFI system stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

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