HANS Device Adjustable Hans Device

hans-device-adjustable-hans-device - HANS Device Adjustable Hans Device

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HANS Device Adjustable Hans Device

Hans is still the innovator in Head & Neck protection, and they prove it once again with the new Hans Adjustable device.

  • Adjustable angle from 10 to 40 degrees fits all types of cars and seats.
  • Easy to adjust in 5 degree increments - providing more comfort.
  • Choice of medium or large collar width fits 90% of all drivers.

    The HANS Adjustable™ provides award-winning HANS performance in any type of car and a good fit for 90% of all drivers because it adjusts from 10 degrees up to 40 degrees, in 5 degree increments.

    The HANS Adjustable is SFI 38.1 certified and is eligible in series recognizing this certification such as SCCA and NHRA--or any series where a Head and Neck restraint is recommended but not required such as USAC.

    The weight of the device is 970 grams , which is heavier than the SportII(770 grams), and lighter than the original Sport(1,110 grams).

    Available in Medium & Large sizes.

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