Killer Chiller Intercooler Kit, Shelby/S197

Killer Chiller Intercooler Kit, Shelby/S197

Killer Chiller Intercooler Kit, Shelby/S197

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The Killer Chiller system from Kincaid Performance is one of the best modifications to lower the air charge temperature on your 2005+ Mustang GT and/or Shelby GT500 and drastically increase performance.

This all-in-one system draws power from your A/C system to directly cool your Mustang's intercooler air right before it enters the combustion chamber which lowers IC temperatures by a MINIMUM of 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit increasing horsepower up to 50hp and adding an additional 40ft/lbs of torque.

The KC system uses freon and a unique heat sink design to transfer cold air directly into your intercooler easily eliminating power fade at high rpms and exponentially increasing boost pressure.

The Killer Chiller system comes with all necessary installation hardware and hoses. Refrigerant levels can be adjusted to meet user needs and tis system has not been proven to damage the A/C system.

Freon note:

The Killer Chiller requires freon evacuation before installation and a recharge after.

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