1998 Mustang GT Maximum Grip Box

MM-GB-4 - 1998 Mustang GT Maximum Grip Box

Item #:mm-gb-4
Price: $5,485.32


1998 Mustang Maximum Grip Box includes
  • MM K-member (with 2-point brace)
  • MM Front Control Arms
  • MM Torque-arm
  • MM Panhard Bar
  • MM XL Series Full-length Subframe Connectors
  • MM Coil-over Conversion Kits, Front and Rear
  • Coil-over springs
  • MM Caster/Camber Plates
  • MM Aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Bilstein HD series struts
  • Bilstein HD series shocks
  • MM Adjustable Rear Swaybar
  • MM Aluminum Steering rack Bushings
  • MM Solid Steering Shaft
  • MM Bumpsteer Kit (adjustable outer tie-rod ends)
  • MM Strut Tower Brace
  • MM Front Swaybar Relocation Kit
  • Front Swaybar Bushings
  • Front Swaybar End Links

  • Specify: power or manual steering rack, front swaybar diameter, front and rear spring rates, front control arm style and bushing type, and rear swaybar size when ordering. Contact our Tech Associates (by phone or email) for assistance before ordering.
  • An Oil Filter Relocation Kit is required for applications that have an OEM oil cooler (all 4V Cobra and some 2V GT engines).
  • This Grip Box may be customized to suit your desires. Contact our Tech Associates for help putting together a custom Maximum Grip Box for your Mustang.
  • World-class level performance in one complete package.
  • Competitors in NASA's American Iron road racing series use a Maximum Grip Box customized with stiffer springs and dampers.
  • Tubular k-member improves geometry and reduces weight.
  • Tubular front control arms reduce weight. Offset version improves geometry.
  • Choice of bushing type most suitable for your application: Delrin or urethane.
  • Torque-arm improves handling and traction by changing the rear suspension from a 4-link to a 3-link variant.
  • Stability is greatly improved by precise axle location from the Panhard bar.
  • Chassis rigidity is greatly increased, improving both handling and ride quality, by the full-length subframe connectors, and strut tower brace.
  • Coil-over conversion provides a vast increase in wheel rate without degrading ride quality.
  • Caster/camber plates allow aggressive performance alignment settings, or setting the alignment within OEM specification.
  • Weight is reduced by the aluminum rear lower control arms.
  • A variety of options are available for the strut and shock valving, from enhanced street performance with good ride quality, to all-out race-winning performance.
  • Tuning of the handling balance is provided by the adjustable rear swaybar.
  • Steering response & feedback is improved by the solid steering shaft and solid steering rack bushings.
  • Bumpsteer kit allows proper steering geometry setup.
  • Relocation kit repositions front swaybar.
This all-encompassing package stiffens the chassis, upgrades both front and rear suspensions, and provides adjustability to tune your Mustang's handling characteristics to suit your own personal tastes. The Maximum Grip Box will turn your Mustang into a world-class performance car with its matching of carefully designed parts. Our ability to make unlimited product substitutions enables us to mix and match individual parts to suit your exact situation and driving style. The Maximum Grip Box is the ideal choice when you desire the best for your Mustang.

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