Safecraft Installed Extinguisher Systems @ Last Call Racing

Installed Extinguisher SystemsSafecraft is the leader in motorsports fire suppression systems. We offer a range of systems that offer many different option and sizes. All of our products are designed and constructed to highest quality standards.

MODEL AT - The Model AT extinguisher is an automatic, thermally activated extinguisher that can be used in many different types of applications. This extinguisher is designed for fuel cell areas, engine bays, enclosed power units, electrical generating compartments and anywhere automatic protection is needed. The Model AT does not require any electrical power so the area in which it is installed is protected 24 hours a day. The thermal sensor is a unique design that is very small and acts as the discharge nozzle. To prevent damage to the thermal discharge head, the sensor has a rugged guard. The sensor can be located directly on the head of the Model AT or can be located on a flexible discharge line. All Model AT cylinders are DOT approved and can be recharged. The optional pressure switch can be used to electrically monitor the internal pressure and give a remote discharge indication or to interrupt an electrical circuit. The extinguisher uses Halon 1211 or DuPont FE36 extinguishing agent depending on the application. The extinguisher is supplied with a mounting bracket's and clamps that make installing the unit very easy.

Key Features
  • Fast temperature response.
  • Selectable temperature settings (135, 155, 175, 200, 286, 360 and 500 Degrees F)
  • Rugged thermal sensor with guard. view photo
  • High pressure DOT approved cylinders in 3, 5 and 10 pound sizes.
  • SFI 17.1 certified.
Available Options
  • Electrical circuit interrupting pressure switch.
  • Discharge line lengths for remote sensor.
  • Halon 1211 or DuPont FE36 extinguishing agents.

MODEL LT - The Model LT fire extinguisher is a light weight design used in both circle track and drag racing. Along with the light weight cylinder, the Model LT has a very compact discharge head which gives it a smaller overall size. Another feature not found on even more expensive racing extinguishers is the "swivel" head design. The activation portion of the discharge head can be rotated to align with the pull cable, push cable or push knob. This provides much more installation flexibility. The discharge head is machined from billet aluminum and anodized for great looks and has two separate discharge ports. This lets you run separate lines to the driver and engine.

Model LT extinguishers are available with either Halon extinguishing agent or FE36 extinguishing agent. Depending on rule book requirements, temperature considerations and the installation would determine which agent should be used. If environmental considerations are required, or if you are going to export the system to a country that no longer allows the use of Halon, then FE36 should be used. DuPont FE36 is a Halon substitute with properties very similar to Halon 1211.

The aluminum cylinder is DOT approved and can be refilled. Model LT extinguishers are available in 3, 5 and 10 pound Halon capacities. All extinguishers come standard in white powder coated cylinder with brushed aluminum anodized head. Polished cylinders on 5 & 10 pound systems are available.

Model LT extinguishers are available separately for existing installations or in kits that include installation hardware. Standard kits include a charged extinguisher, aluminum mount bracket, aircraft "T" bar clamps, 10 feet of discharge line, 3 spray nozzles with fittings, and the activation method you choose.

Key Features
  • Lightweight DOT approved cylinder and head combination.
  • Almost 1 pound lighter than other systems.
  • Unique Safecraft swivel head design for easier installation.
  • Dual discharge outlets, driver and engine.
  • SFI 17.1 certified.
Available Options
  • Pull cable activation.
  • Push cable activation.
  • Push knob activation.
  • Pneumatic activation.
  • Halon 1301, 1211 or DuPont FE36 extinguishing agents.
  • Polished cylinder.
  • Spare filled cylinders.
  • Machined billet mounting clamps.

We have designed our extinguisher using the same materials and techniques that we have put into our aircraft fire extinguishers for over 20 years. Because of our extensive involvement in aircraft fire protection systems for both commercial and military aircraft, all of our Halon is recycled to the original military specification and confirmed by an independent laboratory. This assures you that each extinguisher is the highest quality with outstanding dependability.

BILLET MOUNT BRACKETS - Safecraft's machined billet mount brackets for installed extinguisher systems adds that craftsman's touch to you vehicle. The bracket is machined from billet aluminum and polished to mirror like shine. Billet brackets have the option of a quick release knob or a secure cap screw for more permanent mounting

This is the only bracket that off road trucks and show cars use builders use because it will take a lot of pounding and they look great!